Dutsch Judgers work in Organized Human Trafficking – A TRUE STORY

On this page I will inform all people about the participation of Dutsch Judgers in the Organized Human Trafficking of 17 Afghanisch People – Grown ups and Children.

After I became victim of criminal child traffickers, who put in the time, they invited me for a pizza, as many as 17 people into my truck, the Dutsch Un-Justice-System did following:

  1. They arrested myself and robbed my freedom for 3 month an 6 days .
  2. They interviewed 4 of the 17 Afghanisch Foreigners over night and did not ask for the adresses of two shops, two of the „Singhs“ sold to the human traffickers, in order to avoid evidence and traces to the heads of the criminal gang.
  3. In the morning, they put all ILLEGAL FOREIGNERS on „free feet“.
  4. Obviously in order that they could call their Dutch Contact Person, a member of the Organized Human Traffickers, they handed back the note with the Dutch Telephone Number.

The results were following:

  1. Illegal people were put again illegally in the Netherlands.
  2. The Illegal Foreigners could call their contact man and disappear from the „refrugee camp“, where the criminal members of the Dutch-Justice-System marooned them.
  3. NO ONE of the ILLEGAL FOREIGNERS was available as whitness anymore!


Reading the Trial File, which was kept back (from myself)  as secret for a long time and with the assistance of the potential member of the criminal justice syswtem, Mr. Henk Folkers, it became obvious, that no finger prints an no pictures of the 17 ILLEGAL FOREIGNERS FROM AFGHANISTAN were taken !!!

As Engineer and logical thinking man, I can only assume, that that was part of the tactic of the members of the criminal group of the Dutch Justice System, to destroy all potential evidence for my innocence.

Additionally to the harm, the in my opinion Criminals in the Dutsch De-Justice-System did to me, by robbing my freedom, they still keep back my truck and other personal properties, just in order to keep me away from running my company.

Acually I try to fight against the i.m.o. criminal justice system with my advocat Ferry van Dijk.

Read below.


Because of the following written request to the i.m.o. criminal court, the involved „judgers“ should have been „very pissed off“.- The question is: „WHY?“ – I just call things by their names!


As Nobody of the Dutch i.m.o. Criminal System was interested to make a helpful decision, my German layer advised, to press criminal charges against the suspects. – Here it is:


A complaint of an offence against all criminals is actually to the International Criminal Court ist beeing prepared. I will keep you informed.


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